Far too many cat owners are making these 5 mistakes

If you're lucky enough to be a cat owner, chances are you'll have made one of these mistakes. Watch our video to be sure you don't make any of them again!

Sharing your dinner

You need to be cautious of the foods you are feeding your cats - foods like chocolate or avocado could be very harmful to them. It's better to feed them the standard cat food instead of risking any future health problems.

Feeding them milk

Cows' milk is too low in lipid and protein and too high in lactose. This isn't the best drink to feed them because most cats are lactose intolerant just like humans. They don't have the proper enzymes to break down the lactose and will end up vomiting or having bad diarrhoea.

Treating them like a child

Cats are very independent animals and don't like to be cuddled to the extreme. If they want your companionship they will come to you otherwise it's best to just let them roam about.

Punishing them

It's normal for pets to damage your nice belongings but punishing them isn't always the best decision especially for cats. To be honest, cats couldn't care less if you are yelling at them.

Not cleaning the litter tray

Forgetting to clean the litter box can be a big problem for you and your cat. If they know it's dirty they will find another place in your house to go.

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