Karma: Woman Catches Her Husband Cheating and Exposes Him on Twitter

After forgetting to disconnect his phone from his car, this man's wife caught him red-handed. To hit him back with some karma, his wife decided to exact the perfect revenge and publicly humiliate him.

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We'll break it down for you, but to be honest, the text doesn't do the video justice. The man got out of the car to answer an "urgent" message. His wife, who was waiting inside would've never imagined that she would imminently find out that her husband was being unfaithful.

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The man forgot to disconnect his phone from the car's Bluetooth, so the message he was listening to was played inside the car instead of on the phone's speaker.

So, the man tried to listen to it multiple times, not realizing that the whole time that his wife, who could hear it, was listening to it. Meanwhile, his wife decided to record the message so she'd have proof of his infidelity. Rather than immediately exposing him, she played it cool. Good call.

She made a video and decided to upload it on Facebook and Twitter for revenge, so everyone could see the immense mistake her husband had made. Naturally, the video spread like wildfire.

In the message he was trying to listen to, a woman can be heard saying: "Hello, my love. Why didn't you send me a message? Are you with your wife or what?"

Check out the video above to see the scene unfold!

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