Experts Say Taking Your Furry Little Pets On Holiday Is Not The Smartest Decision

Experts are warning the public about this threat to pets! Find out what it's all about here!

Taking your pets on holiday in Europe could expose them to a dangerous 'eyeworm' infection that could turn them blind.

The infection, which is transmitted by fruit flies, is currently endemic in France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Vets have so far reported three cases of the disease in dogs who have recently returned from holidays in Europe.

If it is diagnosed quickly enough, the infection can usually be treated using drugs but if left untreated it can cause dogs to go blind. However, not all animals infected will display symptoms. This means that an infected pet could pass the disease onto a fruitfly, which would then pass it on to other dogs. In this way the disease could quickly become widespread in the UK too.

Vets are urging pet-owners recently returned from Europe to check for any signs of conjunctivitis or other discomfort around their pets' eyes. Above all, if pet-owners have any concerns they should contact their vet immediately.

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