An euthanasia veterinarian reveals what animals feel before being put down

People find it hard to stay with their pets when they need to be euthanised. But have you ever thought about how the animal felt in this same moment?

An euthanasia veterinarian reveals what animals feel before being put down
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Pet euthanasia is a difficult time that many of us have gone through already. After many wonderful years with us, our pets are finally leaving us. And sometimes, because of health problems or simply old age, you have to go through the 'euthanasia' spot. A painful moment for any human being, but what about the dog, the cat or the beloved rodent when it comes to living its last moments?

'Don't let him die alone'

Faced with this situation, you need to know what is good and what is not for your dear pet. And this is what a South African veterinarian wanted to proclaim loud and clear. His message was relayed by the Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital & 24hr Emergency Service on social media. And it may help some to open their eyes to euthanasia and the pet's plight.

When you are a pet owner it is inevitable, the majority of the time, that your pet will die before you do. So if and when you have to take your pet to the vet's office for a humane, pain-free ending, I want you all to know something. You have been the center of their world for THEIR ENTIRE LIVES! They may just be a part of yours, but all they know is you as their family. It is a crappy decision/day/time/event every time, there is no argument against that and it is devastating for us as humans to lose them. But please I beg you DO NOT LEAVE THEM.
Do not make them transition from life to death in a room of strangers in a place they don't like. The thing you people need to know that most of you don't, is that THEY SEARCH FOR YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE THEM BEHIND!!!!

'Don't be a coward'

In the rest of his poignant message, this veterinarian asks to consider the feelings of the animal. 'Don't be a coward' he hammers, 'imagine what they feel as you leave them in their most vulnerable time'

This moving testimony signed by 'a tired veterinarian with a broken heart' should make more than one think about it at the coming of this difficult moment that we do not wish on anyone. So yes, it is heartbreaking to see your animal close its eyes one last time in front of us, but it is even more so to imagine it closing its eyes alone.