Your Favourite Facial Feature Says A Lot About Your Personality And How You Think…

Your Favourite Facial Feature Says A Lot About Your Personality And How You Think…

We all have things we don’t like about ourselves but there is always a part of our faces that we prefer. But the part that we like the most can say a lot about our personalities. Eyes, mouth, eyebrows, cheekbones, nose… Each of these preferred facial features has its own personality trait.

Each woman prefers a certain part of their face, and whether it be their plump lips, their doe eyes, their petite nose or something else, it’s not a coincidence. In comparison, you can learn a lot about your personality thanks to this…

You prefer your eyes

You are a simple woman and you like the same things as the majority of people around you. You have classic tastes and you don’t like to be too different from other people.

You prefer your nose

You’re an intelligent and educated woman and you admire strong women who have made their mark on history. You like to read and you also like taking photos of your face.

You prefer your mouth

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You’re a voluptuous woman and have a great shape that you know how to show off and flaunt. You have a voice that you think is deep and you like to please others.

You prefer your cheekbones

You like to delight in the simple little pleasures of life. You dream of reaching retirement when you’ll be able to lounge about and make the most of the quiet life.

You prefer your eyebrows

You’re a fashionista. You’re passionate about fashion and you like your thick eyebrows and take good care of them. It’s impossible for you to go out without brushing or colouring your eyebrows. Just like with your outfit, you always have to go out done up!

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