This Study Proves That You're Even More Connected To Your Best Friend Than You Think

According to science, you share some brain waves with your best friend, which explains the unique complicity and certain behavior that only you and her could understand. That explains it!

Science can explain why two best friends can sometimes be on the exact same wavelength that they sometimes say the same things at the same time, or they finish each other’s sentences. In short, here is why this symbiotic relationship is magnificent.

Researchers from Dartmouth College have been looking into this question. They have been searching for a way to explain the extreme connection that exists between two best friends. And to answer this question, they turned to the brain.

Best friends hanging out Getty Images

The experiment consisted of having students watch videos while measuring their brain activity with an MRI machine. They then compared the MRI scans of the people that said they were best friends.

And the results were conclusive:best friends reacted in the same way and got bored at the same time. The author of the study Carolyn Parkinson explains that ‘these results suggest that we are exceptionally similar to our friends in how we perceive and respond to the world around us.’

And that’s an amazing definition of friendship, don’t you think?

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