Optical illusion: What you see first reveals your priorities in your life

Depending on what you see first, this one of a kind optical illusion can reveal the values you might possess as a person, in your life.

Surprising, revealing, unexpected... there are many terms to describe an optical illusion. There are many brain teasers that are meant to challenge our psychology. However, some optical illusions can reveal some hidden traits about your personality as well.

This illusion says a lot about your personality

YouTube channel Bright Side gained its popularity by posting optical illusions, psychological puzzles, brain teasers and many more, regularly. In 2018, a series of 12 unusual images mixing flora and fauna was published on the account. One of them particularly caught the attention of Internet users, as many of them saw different things in it. Let’s take a look at the video.

What do you see first?

The image features a couple of huts and trees with birds flying above them. So what did you see first? The narrator then explains the logic behind all the possible answers. He said:

If it looks like a village with huts, birds and trees, you appreciate traditions and a simple, peaceful lifestyle.

But these elements may not be the most obvious to some. Some might even notice an elephant at the first glance. The trunk formed by the contours of the tree and the hut on the left and its hind leg on the right forms a silhouette of an elephant. According to the narrator, those who saw the animal before they saw the village are ‘loyal to their friends’ and ‘respectful’. They are also a good listener to others!

However, the facts in this video were not backed up by an expert, nor did they feature any official study regarding this. Hence this does raise a doubt that how accurate these interpretations are.

This article is translated from Gentside FR.

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