'They’re obstructive, and they’re rude': Mother stands behind 'nudging' Insulate Britain protesters

Mental Health activist takes matters into her own hands with Insulate Britain and clarifies her side of the story.

The ‘Rage-Rover’ mother has finally been identified. It is Sherilyn Speid, 34, a mental health activist, who narrates her side of the story, calling out on the eco mobsters from Insulate Britain, who are spreading chaos on the motorways of London.

Rage Rover's story

Speid went viral yesterday when a footage showed she got out of her luxurious Range Rover and remonstrated with a bunch of Insulate Britain’s protesters. The argument started when Speid was getting late to drop off her son at school. But, it did not stop there, she went back inside and nudged the two women protesters with her car in Purfleet, Essex.

Speid said:

I shouldn’t have let the anger get the better of me, but they pushed me to the edge. What they’re doing is wrong. They’re not peaceful, they’re obstructive, and they’re rude.

On 11 October, her trip to school took 45 minutes, which is usually an 11-minute journey. She says she got out of the car and tried to reason with them politely, they snickered back and said:

Everyone has got to get their kids to school.

She says that the car stint, was merely a scare tactic:

In the end I said ‘Alright then, if you’re not going to move I’m going to drive at you.’ So I got in my car and I went up to them. But I didn’t hit them I just nudged them slowly along the road. It was a scare tactic. I thought they would move but they didn’t.

‘Standing up for moms’

Speid worked for the youth for seven years, before getting into mental health counselling. She stresses how she wouldn't hurt a soul, and it was an important day for her over-achieving son at school.

Speid said:

I was standing up for all the other mums who are just trying to take their kids to school. Education is so important, and we’ve just been through a pandemic. My son’s had loads of time off school.

Taking to Instagram, the businesswoman stressed how it was just a bear nudge, that came soon after them laughing at her mockingly and said ‘we're not moving.’

Speid adds:

I’m upset I lost my temper, and maybe I could’ve gone about it in a different way, but I will always stand up for what I believe in—that people should be entitled to live their normal lives.
Furious mother drives into Insulate Britain protest with her luxury SUV Furious mother drives into Insulate Britain protest with her luxury SUV