Scotland plans to introduce vaccine passport this month

The Scottish government could soon be implementing a vaccine passport that will be used to gain access to large indoor and outdoor events.

Scotland will impose vaccine passport this month
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Scotland will impose vaccine passport this month

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that Scotland will be propositioning a vaccine passport to clamp down on the rising cases of COVID-19. The scheme to require proof of a double-vaccination must first be put to a vote which has been scheduled to take place next week. If approved, the passport scheme would come into effect by the end of the month.

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Passports for large crowds only

However, the First Minister has made it clear that this new measure would have no effect on key services that are unavoidable, such as public transport or places of education and medical service. Restricted entrances via vaccination passports would be used to monitor access to nightclubs, indoor events that gather upwards of 500 people and outdoor events with more than 4,000 people.

The only way out

With the record number of hospitalisations and increasing COVID cases across the country, Sturgeon has deemed the current situation to be 'fragile and serious.' As a result, she believes the only way of regulating the deteriorating situation is to rely on vaccination passports. In a statement, she said:

The Scottish Government has made it clear that we do not believe that vaccination certification should ever be a requirement for any key services or in settings where people have no choice over attendance - for example, public transport, education, access to medical services or shops. We continue to hold to that position.

And added:

But we do consider that a limited use of vaccine certification could help to control the spread of the virus, as we head into the autumn and winter.
For any decision of this nature to have an impact before winter, we would have to take and implement it quickly.
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