Russian ambassador issues threat to the UK, warns 'escalation may get a new dimension'

Russian officials issued yet another warning to the UK saying its military help to Ukraine creates a risk of further escalation. But while they insist that the Kremlin sits on ‘enormous’ resources, intelligence suggests otherwise.

Russian ambassador issues threat to the UK, warns 'escalation may get a new dimension'
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Russian ambassador issues threat to the UK, warns 'escalation may get a new dimension'

In his exclusive interview with BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg Russian ambassador Andrei Kelin warned Britain over its support of Ukraine and threatened further escalation.

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His comments come as Britain has just delivered its Storm Shadow missiles to Kyiv as part of its latest military aid package.

Kelin said that his country had ‘enormous resources’ and it was yet to ‘act very seriously’ while denying any wrongdoing and blaming the conflict on Ukraine.

The ambassador’s comments followed a series of signs that the Russian military is struggling on the ground and that its commandment is facing internal problems.

Yevgeny Prigozhin who was always thought to be one of Vladimir Putin’s staunchest supporters has recently launched a series of attacks on the Kremlin. The head of Russia's Wagner mercenary group blamed the lack of ammunition and extensive losses on top politicians, warning Russia could end up losing the war.

What exactly did the Russian ambassador say?

Andrei Kelin, who has been the Russian ambassador to the UK since 2019, issued yet another threat of escalation where he blames the West, especially Britain, for supplying extensive military aid to Ukraine and therefore delaying the conflict.

The Russian official insisted that without the likes of Britain, his country could sign a peace treaty ‘tomorrow’.

This is not the first threat from Kremlin directed at Britain.

According to Kelin, how long the conflict will take ‘depends on the efforts in escalation of war that are being undertaken by Nato countries’, especially the UK.

He said:

Sooner or later, of course, this escalation may get a new dimension which we do not need and we do not want. We can make peace tomorrow.

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Intelligence points to Russia’s internal problems

While Andrei Kelin does his best trying to present the Russian army as invincible, intelligence point at the country's internal problems that make Kremlin’s way to desired victory problematic.

Although Kelin denied reports Moscow's troops are struggling on the ground, sources report the high number of Russian casualties and losses in Ukraine.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Russia's Wagner mercenary group, has also recently launched a series of attacks on the Kremlin casting a shadow on his once close bond with the Russian President.

Prigozhin even warned of the risk of his country losing the war and blamed defence minister Sergei Shoigu and head of the defence staff Valery Gerasimov for the crisis.

Wagner's chief went as far as claiming Russia could be facing a revolution similar to the Bolshevik revolt that ended the reign of the Tzars in 1917.

He said about the members of his group which reportedly shrank by 10,000:

Where is the... ammunition? They came here as volunteers and die for you to fatten yourselves in your mahogany offices.

The US Government confirmed Russia’s heavy losses, suggesting the numbers could be as high as 20,000 soldiers killed and more than 80,000 injured in the past five months alone.

It doesn’t seem to get any easier for Vladimir Putin and Andrei Kelin as Ukraine is rumoured to prepare a counter-offensive to regain its lost territories.

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Vladimir Putin and Russian state TV host issue terrifying threats to the UK and Europe Vladimir Putin and Russian state TV host issue terrifying threats to the UK and Europe