Hair Salons Expected To Open in Late April
Hair Salons Expected To Open in Late April
Hair Salons Expected To Open in Late April
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Hair Salons Expected To Open in Late April

By Alex Schrute

As more businesses are anticipating a reopening, the beauty industry will have to wait a little while longer before being able to welcome clients back.

As news broke out over the weekend regarding the much anticipated roadmap out of lockdown announcement by Boris Johnson, leaks have come out with rumoured dates that supposedly confirm the reopening of beer gardens and unspecified non essential retail coming up in the next month.

Priority given to the education system

Unfortunately, the tweet disclosing the reopening dates did not mention hair or beauty salons opening their doors any time soon. Businesses that require necessary physical contact, such as waxing, nail care and hairdressing are going to have to wait a little longer with word going around that we might have to wait as long as the end of April.

Johnson fighting for schools to be the first to reopen their doors

At the top of the list that will see restrictions being loosened is the education system that wis expected to have their school's welcoming pupils back on March 8. Boris Johnson revealed in a statement to the House of Commons that:

The first sign of normality beginning to return should be pupils going back to their classrooms. I know how parents and teachers need as much certainty as possible including two weeks' notice of the return of face-to-face teaching.

And added:

If we achieve our target of vaccinating everyone in the four most vulnerable groups with their first dose by 15 February - and every passing day sees more progress towards that goal - then those groups will have developed immunity from the virus by about three weeks later, that is by 8 March.

Later today, Johnson will is scheduled to be holding a conference to discuss his 'roadmap' out of lockdown with MPs.

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