Food recall: Warning issued over lead-tainted Tasty-Sawa cinnamon

Cinnamon lovers have been warned that a certain product contains elevated levels of lead.

Cinnamon lead
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Cinnamon lead

For anyone who enjoys some added flavour in their food, we've got some important news for you. Spices USA Inc., based in Hialeah, FL, has issued a recall on its Tasty-Sawa cinnamon due to elevated lead levels.

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Lead contamination can occur if a person consumes too much of the metal, and can cause serious health issues. Here are the affected products and a break-down the health risks and what to do if you bought the product so you can stay informed and safe.

Affected products

The specific product being recalled is Tasty-Sawa Cinnamon Ground, packaged in large paper bags weighing around 55.11 lbs each. These were distributed primarily in certain areas of the United States - Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina - as well as in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. You can identify the affected product by checking for Lot No: VN/OFD/1D/0623 on the packaging.

What are the health risks?

Lead exposure can be pretty nasty. Even short-term exposure to low levels of lead can have serious health implications, although you might not notice any immediate symptoms. However, continued exposure, especially at higher levels, can lead to more severe issues.

For children, in particular, prolonged exposure to lead can result in permanent damage to the central nervous system, potentially causing learning disabilities and developmental problems. Adults aren't immune either; chronic lead exposure can lead to kidney issues, high blood pressure, and cognitive difficulties.

If you think you or your family might have been affected, watch out for symptoms like abdominal pain or headaches - though remember, sometimes lead poisoning doesn't cause obvious symptoms right away.

What to do if you’ve bought the product

First things first - if you have a bag of Tasty-Sawa Cinnamon Ground with the affected lot number, do not use it. It's important to dispose of the product properly. You can either toss it out or return it to the place of purchase for a refund. Remember to bring your receipt with you.

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