COVID pass: The insane amount you could be fined for faking one

How much would the fine cost you if you faked a COVID pass or a test result, under a new law expected to come into effect tomorrow?

As Boris Johnson's government cracks down on social distancing restrictions amid the Omicron variant's takeover in the UK, some individuals are resorting to fraud by bypassing 'COVID pass' obligations. But this could cost you a very pretty penny.

Where would you need to present a COVID pass?

The new proposed law, which is expected to pass despite much Tory opposition, would come into effect as soon as tomorrow, 15 December at 6am. The new restrictions would apply to all nightclubs and venues that stay open past 1am.

This would also affect all indoor venues with a capacity of over 500, outdoor venues with a capacity of over 4,000 and all places and events that can accommodate 10,000 people or more.

Essentially, the idea is to have people show a COVID pass proving that they've either been double jabbed, or provide a negative COVID test. Most recently, Health Minister, Sajid Javid, has specified that in the new year two vaccines plus a booster shot will be the only acceptable COVID pass.

How much would the fine cost you?

As was observed in previous COVID waves when similar measures existed, some people, who were either anti-vax or who simply had yet to receive their vaccine, falsified the appropriate documentation.

The new law would make it a crime to fraudulently provide proof of immunity and would result in a whopping £10,000 fine. Further, the new laws would also apply to businesses that do not enforce checking for COVID passes, with fines going up to £1000 and possibly more for repeated offences.

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