Brits alerted of 'mega tsunami' that could hit the UK, should you be worried?

One of the UK's top scientists issued a warning that a 'mega tsunami' could hit the country 'at any time' obliterating coastal towns and cities and sending millions to watery graves. Here’s how worried we should be.

Brits alerted of 'mega tsunami' that could hit the UK, should you be worried?
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Brits alerted of 'mega tsunami' that could hit the UK, should you be worried?

An expert warns that Britain could be flooded by a 'mega tsunami' from a massive rock the size of the Isle of Man falling into the Atlantic Ocean ‘any day’.

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This would potentially obliterate the coastal towns and cities and send a deadly amount of water inland. He believes that something has to be done to protect the country from this terrifying fate.

‘It will grow in size and cause all sorts of destruction’

Sir David King, who once served as the Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK government, says the wall of water triggered by a huge landslide in the Canary Islands could send a rock the size of the Isle of Man into the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in a ‘mega tsunami’.

The natural disasterwould then reach the UK coast, wiping out towns and cities such as Brighton, Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Exeter, with the flood going further inland to London.

Sir David explained:

After the landslide in the Canary Islands, it would take roughly six hours for the wave to reach the UK. That might sound like a long time to give people to escape, but there are other places where people had longer to flee yet many people still died.

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The scientists suggested that it would also lead to the destruction of the capital.

He added:

What would happen in London is that everyone would get into their cars all at once to escape the city and they’d block all the roads. People wouldn’t be able to get out in time and they would essentially die in their cars.

How worried should we be?

Sir David King is a respected member of the scientific society and his opinion is highly valued around the world.

He was the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor from 2000 to 2007 and worked on raising awareness of the impact of climate change. He was also the permanent Special Representative for Climate Change from September 2013 until March 2017.

The expert published over 500 papers on science and policy and received numerous awards. He holds 22 Honorary Degrees from universities around the world and was knighted in 2003.

Sir David compares what would happen in London to what happened in Lisbon in 1755. The Portuguese capital was hit by a wave up to 10 metres high following an earthquake estimated to have had a magnitude of between 8.5 and 9 on the Richter scale, killing up to 100,000 people.

He adds that although the chances of the tsunami happening in the near future might be slim, it could happen 'at any time' - ‘in 10,000 years’ or tomorrow - and warns that ‘Britain will need to be prepared’.

The expert encourages more education and awareness of what to do if and when a tsunami hits.

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