British commuters can win these exciting rewards if they travel by train

As rail firms try to entice commuters back into trains, they are offering free bacon butties and more to people travelling by train.

Free things you could get if you commute by a train
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Free things you could get if you commute by a train

As train operators and cafes team up to try to welcome workers back after work-from-home orders stopped last week, lucky commuters will have the chance to win a free bacon sandwich. The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) is developing a programme that will reward commuters with breakfast, coffee, audiobooks, and other benefits. It comes as rail firms try to rebound from the pandemic and home working.

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People who participate in a RDG scheme may be eligible for breakfast and drinks from Greggs, a cup of coffee from Pure, and other rewards such as free audiobooks, access to a mindfulness app and more.

Since office-based work returned last week, there has been a 5% increase in the number of people taking the train during peak periods in England. While there has been an increase, passenger numbers are just 53% of pre-pandemic levels.

An incentive of your choice

Through the competition, up to 1,000 orders from Greggs will be offered. Passengers must register at and select their preferred reward. After that, they'll receive an email with a unique code, a link, or instructions on how to redeem in-store. The details of the journey must be input, but no previous travel history is required. Jacqueline Starr, chief executive at RDG said:

Taking the train is more than just a journey, it benefits the environment, economy and local businesses.
To encourage and support commuters as they return, the rail industry has launched a new commuter rewards website offering free hot drinks, mindfulness, course upgrades, music streaming, audiobooks and more to help enhance customers' on-train and at-destination experiences.

The promotion is expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

Need of the hour collaboration

The pandemic has hit most of the businesses and this new collaborative initiative will not only lure people back to trains as their mode of transportation but also encourage them to become a customer with the partnered cafes and rewards stores. Café Chain Pure’s boss Spencer Craig confirmed:

Like most businesses that rely on the commuter market, we saw our customer base drop by over 50% due to the work-from-home restrictions coming into force, and rail commuters no longer coming into the city.
We're delighted to be working with the rail industry on their commuter rewards platform and look forward to welcoming customers back and providing them with delicious, nutritious meals and drinks on the go.
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