This Netflix movie is so horrifying that it traumatized viewers

A Taiwanese horror movie on Netflix traumatized viewers so much that some viewers regret even watching it in the first place.

You won't have failed to notice that there's no shortage of horror movies on Netflix. After Stranger Things season 4, you might be looking for an equally dark movie or TV series to binge on. There are many underrated but high-quality horror movies available on Netflix.

However, if you really want a thrill, you should watch this Taiwanese horror film whose viewers do not come out unscathed. Incantation, a Taiwanese horror film, will leave you plunged into horror unlike anything else.


Released on July 8, Incantation tells the story of Li Ronan, a woman who is cursed for breaking a religious taboo. Incantation is a frightening film with a particularly creepy atmosphere. The found footage reinforces this feeling of unease. The Chinese incantation heard in the film made viewers' blood run cold.

The viewers shared that the experience of watching the movie was uncomfortable but very engrossing. One of them even mentions ‘the worst decision of his life’ to have watched the film alone. Without spoilers, the film breaks the 4th wall by interacting with you while you watch.

Horror is making rounds

Incantation went relatively unnoticed when it was released in early July, but is now really starting to get noticed. In short, those brave enough should head to Netflix to watch Incantation. And if you’re really brave then you might be able to watch it alone, at night, in the dark, of course.

This article was translated from Gentside FR.

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