This Is What Happens To Your Body Just Hours After Painting Your Nails

Manicures can be fun and are generally associated with being relaxed. However, it can have some negative impacts. Read on to find out the impact that these treatments can have on your body in the space of 10 hours.

At first, treating yourself to a manicure is pretty tempting. However, you would never imagine that some of these products are actually harmful and have ignored strict regulations.

Scientists have found toxins in several nail polishes that are marketed by some of the biggest cosmetics brands.

Nail varnish: children be careful

The endocrine disrupting chemicals found by scientists are TPHP, or triphenyl phosphate, methanol and toluene. They allow the varnish to be flexible and more resistant. However, if they were to make contact with blood, these products can affect hormones, metabolism and reproduction.

26 women were tested in the study and 10 hours after applying the nail varnish, their TPHP levels increased. TPHP can affect the development of children but fortunately, there are brands of cosmetics that make nail varnishes which don’t contain these chemicals.

What Happens To The Body 10 Hours After Having Your Nails Painted What Happens To The Body 10 Hours After Having Your Nails Painted