National Park Keepers Rejoice As Two Endangered Gorillas Are Born In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

National Park Keepers Rejoice As Two Endangered Gorillas Are Born In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Last Wednesday, July 25th, the Virunga Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo announced the exceptional birth of two adorable baby mountain gorillas. This makes nine of this species born since the beginning of the year 2018 in this natural park in the east of the country, but mountain gorillas are unfortunately still greatly threatened by humans.

In the heart of Virunga, experts have been taking care of mountain gorillas for years. The idea? To help preserve this critically endangered species through deforestation, wildlife trafficking and the bushmeat trade.

Good news

So the births of these small mammals are still considered as great victories. In a press release issued on July 25th, Virunga Park welcomed the good news: 'Mountain gorillas have been a great source of good news in 2018, and it's getting better and better! We are excited to announce the arrival of two new babies, giving a total of nine new mountain gorilla births this year.'

A park in suspension

Virunga Park is the oldest natural park in Africa, but it has decided to suspend its tourism activities for the rest of 2018, following the death of a ranger and the abduction of three people (including two tourists) on May 11th.

Located on the border between Uganda and Rwanda, the park lies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and stretches over no less than 7800 square kilometres in North Kivu province, which is unfortunately in the hands of armed militias and other military groups.

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