The Next Series Of Love Island Will Be The Hottest One Yet

The Next Series Of Love Island Will Be The Hottest One Yet

Love Island’s host, Caroline Flack, says that the upcoming winter edition of the popular reality show—set in Capetown—will be the “hottest” series yet!

Get ready for steamy drama, the clashing of personalities, and a lot of love (and hate) to unfold in the upcoming winter edition of Love Island. The next series will take place in Capetown, South Africa. It may be winter in the UK in January, but the hot air circling Capetown will undoubtedly add some steam and some heat to the show.

Caroline Flack recently expressed her excitement for the upcoming series to The Sun Online:"I literally cannot wait. It is going to be so hot. Probably the hottest one yet.”

She continued by saying, “Cape Town, can you believe it? Love Island's twice a year now, it's going to be mad." Who will make the upcoming series “mad”?

Well, we only know of one person starring in the upcoming show: Ellis Iyayi. The model has a whopping 9,000 followers on Instagram—he will undoubtedly gain thousands and thousands more when the next series airs. They’re accepting applications until November 30th.

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You’re likely wondering why they decided to add an additional series of the show? We have the answers for you! Tune into our video to find more details!

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