Shannon Singh hints at villa return

Love Island fans were left shocked when Shannon Singh was dumped from the villa last night—but we may not have seen the last of her...

Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island delivered a real shock twist as Shannon Singh left the villa in the show’s earliest ever dumping. After just two days, she was dumped by text when bombshell Chloe Burrows chose to couple up with Aaron Francis, leaving Shannon single.

Shannon reacts to her dumping

Following her exit, Shannon admitted:

I am a bit gutted. But, out of all the girls, I think it is fair it’s me because I didn’t have any emotional attachments to the guys but all the girls had little things going on. I said I didn’t want anyone cocky and arrogant. I think all the guys are good-looking. I just think they were all too pretty for me.

She also confirmed she’d be open to a return to the villa. She said:

Yeah, why not? I want to get back on my streaming and I then go on holiday with the girls. And then I’ll suss out what to do. It was very short-lived. Surreal. But I’m obviously very grateful I got the opportunity. I’m not coming away fuming from it, I’m coming away grateful.

Shannon Singh Love Island return?

Although Shannon’s best friend and family had been posting from her Instagram account while she was in the villa, there have been no posts to her social media since Shannon’s on-screen exit, leading many fans to believe she might still be in isolation ahead of a return to the show.

Ex-Islander Amy Hart confirmed that Islanders receive their phones back the day after their leaving episode airs and tweeted:

Shannon will get her phone back tomorrow…so if she’s not on her insta in the next few days she’s obvs in another villa.

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Love Island: Shannon Singh reunites with pre-Love Island ex Love Island: Shannon Singh reunites with pre-Love Island ex