Rachel Finni pre-show interview reveals she doesn’t fancy Brad or Chuggs

New Islander Rachel Finni revealed which three boys she had her eye on before entering the villa.

Tonight’s episode of Love Island will see Rachel Finni decide the fate of Brad McLelland and Chuggs Wallis as she picks one of them to couple up with and sends the other one home. While we’ve seen her getting to know both boys on Sunday night’s episode, she actually had her eye on three of the other boys before entering the villa.

Which boy does Rachel Finni want to couple up with?

In an interview before her big villa entrance, Rachel revealed she had her eye on 24-year-old luxury events host Aaron Francis, who is currently coupled upwith Sharon Gaffka. Rachel said:

Aaron is very attractive and seems down to earth. Our jobs are similar so I think we’d have interesting conversations.

While Aaron currently seems to be pretty solid with Sharon, Rachel also admitted to having her eye on two of the other boys who might be more susceptible to having their heads turned. She said:

Hugo seems like boyfriend material—handsome, charming—and I’d like to crack his shell a bit more.

Rachel and Hugo?

24-year-old PE teacher Hugo is in a friendship coupling with Chloe Burrows but there doesn’t seem to be any chance of romance between the two of them—so there’s a chance we might see him and Rachel cracking on in the next few weeks.

Rachel also revealed she likes the look of ‘attractive, cheeky’ 22-year-old Toby Aromolaran, who’s currently coupled up with Kaz Kamwi but has been having second thoughts about their relationship. Rachel said:

I’d definitely have a lot of fun with him but I need to see if he’s worth pursuing.
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