Outrage As Kady McDermott Brands TOWIE Star's Daughter 'Vile'

Outrage As Kady McDermott Brands TOWIE Star's Daughter 'Vile'

Love Island 2016 star Kady McDermott has become embroiled in an angry feud with former TOWIE star Maria Fowler - and many fans think she crossed a line with her comments about Maria's daughter. 

Kady McDermott was known for being 'outspoken' during her time on Love Island but has the reality star gone too far this time with her comments about a 2-year-old girl? 

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The spat between Kady and TOWIE's Maria Fowler seems to have started when Maria accused Kady of copying her latest business venture. Both girls have recently started up home and interiors businesses - with Maria's called Project In A Village and Kady's Our Village Project. 

The argument quickly descended into nastiness with Maria calling Kady a 'brass' and making jibes about her appearance, calling her 'alien head'. 

However, Kady then took a low blow, insulting Maria's daughter. Maria decided to take the row public, sharing screenshots of the interaction online. 

Check out the video above to see all the drama for yourself! 

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