Love Island’s star Jake Cornish labelled as ‘toxic’ by ex-flame

Contradicting Jake’s claim on the show that he has been single during the pandemic, an ex-flame has slammed him for gaslighting and toxic behaviour.

Jake Cornish, the 24-year-old engineer from Weston-Super-Mare, has been accused of being dishonest on the show about his past love life. Apparently, a heartbroken ex has called out the star for being toxic and gaslighting her following their four months relationship from October 2020 to January 2021.

The unnamed ex took over to social media and posted angry and upset account of her story. These posts have now been deleted as fans accused her of being too harsh towards the Love Island star. She added:

A note to those who have told me/ messaged me to ‘be kind’, I’m a good person with a good heart, hurt mine and I’ll hurt yours.

The Deleted Posts

The Sun claims all the posts made by the ex have now been deleted. After hearing Jake's complains about his romantic drought on the show, the broken-hearted ex posted:

Lonely and single for eight months? Have a day off.

In a series of alleged messages posted by Jake’s apparent ex-flame, she insisted that she had no idea about Jake's application or acceptance onto the show. She further defended her case stating, she doesn’t have to keep quiet about it just because anyone else does. She said:

I realise how my comment may be viewed as being damaging, but it’s damaging when you’re being gaslighted. Toxic behaviour, denying and making you question facts and feelings.
Being angry doesn't mean I'm being hateful, it means I am loving myself enough to get upset at my own mistreatment.

Love Island’s Reaction

This season’s makers have repeatedly emphasised on the mental health of the contestants. The Love Island’s bosses released a statement earlier this month requesting people to be nice to the contestants on the show after Chloe Burrows was sent death threats. They said:

We want Love Island to be a positive experience for all of our cast and their friends and family members.

Following this request, Jake’s defamation at the hands of an alleged ex has forced the makers to repeat their plea as they would stand with the contestants in reporting any such cases. A spokesperson said:

Jake has no means of defending himself from these labels, which are no doubt hurtful for his family and friends to read.

They accepted that some episodes create strong reactions but such posts are ‘wholly unacceptable.’ In addition, they urged people to think before they post as the Islanders are people with feelings too.

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