Love Island’s Shannon Singh dumped as she refuses to kiss anyone

One of the quickest exits in the show's history is Shannon Singh, and she might not be coming back in any Casa Amor twist.

Shannon Singh was reportedly dumped from Love Island after she refused to ‘play ball’ and kiss anyone. The 22-year-old Scottish model was given the boot just 48 hours after arriving on Wednesday. After Chloe Burrows coupled up with Aaron Francis, Shannon was left single and eventually thrown out of the show.

Rumour has it that she didn’t make an effort in getting to know her fellow islanders in the villa and that's why bosses will resist calling her back to the show.

Why this move?

TV insiders claimed to MailOnline that the bosses were not impressed with Shannon’s willingness to involve in saucy games that lead up to her refusal to kiss Toby as a part of the challenge. A source said:

During her short time in the villa, Shannon didn't get to know anyone, or partake in the games properly, even refusing to kiss any Islanders.

Reportedly, the bosses are also upset as they expected her to be more fun than she had proved to be on the show. She boasted before her entry in the show that she is capable of having sex up toeight times in the day and so a source argued:

She had always promised to be a fun and exciting contestant, but she wouldn't engage in the way producers had hoped – and they have no plans for her to make a dramatic return.

However, a Love Island spokesperson has denied all these speculations yet refused to offer any explanation. The spokesperson just said:

This is simply not true.

Shannon’s Reaction

As heartbreaking as it may seem, Shannon somehow appears to be just fine with what has happened. Post her entry into the show, she admitted she felt anxious about the fast-paced change of romances inside the villa. Ahead of the series she said:

I am not the type of girl to go and chuck themselves at guys; it's not my thing. I am actually a bit anxious and apprehensive about how the villa is really fast paced and you are chucked into getting to know people straight away.

Although unhappy with the speedy exit, she believes she was the right person to leave. After leaving the show, she said:

I am a bit gutted. Do you know what, out of all the girls, I think it is fair it's me because I didn't have any emotional attachments to the guys, but all the girls had tiny little things [going on].
Love Island: Shannon Singh reunites with pre-Love Island ex Love Island: Shannon Singh reunites with pre-Love Island ex