Love Island Helped 'Depressed' Mum Drop 5.5 Stone In Just 8 Months

Love Island has struggled to escape backlash across the series due to promoting unrealistic body standards, but now this woman has offered up her story on how the show changed her life. Check out the video to find out more!

Love Island Helped 'Depressed' Mum Drop 5.5 Stone In Just 8 Months
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Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, receives constant backlash for promoting unattainable body standards leading many viewers to feel insecure and develop a negative self-image.

A study was conducted to test the negative effect the show can have on its viewers and the results were astonishing as 81% admitted to feeling insecure about their appearance due to drawing comparisons between themselves and the highly attractive cast.

But mum of one, Lianne Hedley, now claims that show was the final straw to helping her kick her unhealthy habits and make a start on her own journey to health and happiness.

“It made me feel so depressed seeing girls in their gorgeous dresses and bikinis – all I could fit into was huge leggings…I couldn’t handle seeing girls my age in their bikinis feeling happy and confident when I was trapped inside this huge body.”

Lianne decided she wanted to change; “I never started this to get a bikini body, but it is what it is, I’m definitely not complaining.” Moreover, the yummy mummy decided to train as a weight loss consultant, to give others the confidence to do the same.

Check out the video to find out more!

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