Love Island Has Been Put Under Quarantine As A Vomiting Bug Strikes
Love Island Has Been Put Under Quarantine As A Vomiting Bug Strikes
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Love Island Has Been Put Under Quarantine As A Vomiting Bug Strikes

The Love Island Villa has been placed under quarantine as crew members have been falling sick from a violent vomiting bug.

Crew members of Love Island have been contracting a winter illness that has placed the Love Island Villa under quarantine.

An insider told The Sun that many staff have come down with norovirus which may result in delaying the show if the illness gets passed to the contestants:

'If the virus reaches the contestants then it could bring the show to a halt for three or four days. Nobody is going to watch them throwing up or having the s***s.'

Many crew members such as hairstylists had claimed to feel stomach cramps which had soon developed into the much more serious vomiting bug. Infected members have been told to stay in their hotel rooms and rest. Medical supplies have been distributed with crew receiving probiotics and rehydration packs with sanitation areas also being put in place.

The source claimed 'Everything is being done to quarantine the villa from the outside world so that bug doesn’t get in.'

The crew have also been banned from kissing or shaking hands as bodily contact may spread the virus while medical experts are trying to find out where the sickness originated from.

“There was a similar crisis in season one so people know what to do.”

This comes just days after news of contestant Ollie Williams' announcement to leave the villa, claiming that he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend:

"This is the hardest decision I've ever made but she's the love of my life. When you've got that you can't risk throwing that away."

But two new hunks are set to enter the villa tonight. Connagh, 27, and Finley, 20 will be a much-welcomed addition for the three newly single girls. Both boys so far have stated interest in Sophie and Siannese.

Connagh states in his entrance interview, "I like brunettes, a girl with nice eyes, who likes to take care of themselves. I like a girl who can do some sort of sport as I'm into sport. I'm looking for someone I can be myself with."

Find out more tonight when Love Island continues.

By Johanna Garner
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