Katie Price weighs in on Love Island ‘fake’ debate

Former glamour model Katie Price has shared her thoughts on last night’s drama—and her reaction wasn’t what you might expect.

Tuesday night’s episode of Love Island was one of the most dramatic so far this series. PE teacher Hugo Hammond unwittingly upset several of the girls in the villa by describing ‘fakeness’—in terms of both personality and appearance—as his biggest turn-off.

Sharon Gaffka and Faye Winter—who have both been open about their plastic surgery—were particularly offended by his comments, leading to a big confrontation in the villa. While Sharon and Faye accepted Hugo’s tearful apologies, it also sparked a debate across social media as to who was in the right.

Katie Price defends Hugo

Katie Price was one celebrity fan of the show to weigh in. She shared a clip of herself watching Love Island to her Instagram story, captioning it ‘Get over it’. She said:

Get over it girls. Some guys don't like the fake look, they like the girl next door. If you can't handle the criticism, don't have the work done.

Katie Price surgery

Katie has recently returned from Turkey where she got a Brazilian bum lift, full-body liposuction and lifts on her eyes and lips. She lost so much blood she feared she would die and described the procedures as ‘horrific’ but hasn’t ruled out more surgeries in the future. She previously said:

I never touched my face until I turned 30, so now I’m 43, I’ll do what the hell I like!

Katie also recently celebrated her first anniversary with her fiancé—former Love Island star Carl Woods. He recently praised her in an interview saying:

Katie is the ultimate woman - there’s nobody like her. She’s the British version of Pamela Anderson and she runs rings around the Love Island girls in every way.
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