Dani Dyer Branded FAKE For Her Latest Instagram Post

Dani Dyer has enraged many of her fans by posting a series of holiday snaps to her Instagram just hours after leaving fans gutted when she and Jack pulled out of a public appearance in Birmingham due to 'ill health'.

Love Island queen Dani Dyer is known for being down-to-earth and is beloved by all her fans. But she may have just made her first misstep as fans have slammed her for posting holiday pics the day after she claimed she was too ill to meet fans.

Dani looks radiantly healthy in the photos posted on her Instagram and while some wondered if she might have been posting a throwback pic from her bed, another snap posted to her story proved that Dani really has jetted off on hols.

This led to a fiery disagreement in her comment section as many of her followers questioned whether she really cared about her fans after all. Check out the video above to see the incriminating pics and for everything we know so far!

Love Island Star Branded 'Disgusting' For This Instagram Post Love Island Star Branded 'Disgusting' For This Instagram Post