Chuggs reveals secret sex scene between two Islanders was cut from the show

Former Love Islander Chuggs has just revealed that fans missed out on one steamy sex scene between Brad and Rachel.

This week it was revealed that Love Islander producers have been cutting out x-rated scenes from the show to safeguard the Islanders’ wellbeing. And that might be for the better, as Tuesday night’s episodes had fans cringing at the three of the couples' hook up sessions.

While Love Islanders have been open about their sexy time under the sheets, former Love Islander Chuggs recently spoke about a sex story never made it on air.

Brad and Rachel

Brad and Rachel may have only coupled up for one day, but Chuggs revealed that the pair shared a steamy night that everyone in the villa couldn’t help but hear. He said in The Sun’s About Last Night show:

Brad was spanking Rachel in the bedroom—it was so loud they [the other islanders] all heard.
I didn’t witness it, but I got told about it after I left. When I got booted off Brad and Rachel were coupled up and shared a bed. I heard he was requested to give Rachel a big spank! It was a big old noise and everyone was looking.

The next day, Rachel was seen telling the girls about her night with Brad, but she kept the details to a bare minimum. She said:

We were dry-humping each other… It was very sexy!

Living in the villa

Chuggs stayed in the villa for just two days before Rachel dumped him to couple up with Brad. And despite being in the show for such a short period of time, he got to know a lot about the peculiar habits of the contestants on Love Island. He added:

Liam was sleep talking, and you get the odd snorer, the girls too! You can smell where Jake’s sleeping, he leaves a smell on the way back from the bathroom.
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