Caroline “Queen Cougar” Flack Just Spoke Out About Those Wes Nelson Rumours...

Caroline “Queen Cougar” Flack Just Spoke Out About Those Wes Nelson Rumours...

Two weeks into the fifth series of Love Island and despite the drama unfolding on screen, it was the show host that has been at the core of headlines after she was captured looking cosy with ex-islander, Wes Nelson. Check out the video to see the pictures and decide for yourself!

Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, has returned to our screens but it seems it is not the contestants at the heart of the spotlight in recent days.

Caroline Flack, the 39-year-old show presenter was spotted getting cosy to ex-contestant, Wes Nelson following her split from previous fiancé, Andrew Brady. Andrew has since left for American to get a fresh start meanwhile Caroline is enjoying the perks of single life.

Caroline seems to follow a trend of dating younger men therefore when she was pictured getting close with Wes, dating rumours rapidly began to circulate and the host is taking a stand against the negativity thrown at her online.

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The self-proclaimed “Queen cougar” revealed, “if ‘cougar’ is supposed to be some kind of insult, I’m taking control of that and turning it into a badge of honour”. Caroline has previously dated Harry Styles, AJ Pritchard and insists age means nothing.

Caroline revealed to The Mirror, “I could date someone who’s 20 or 104. I don’t care as long as they’re nice”. Therefore Wes meets the threshold and the idea would not be out of the question.

Check out the video to see what Caroline had to say about her and Wes...

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