WhatsApp: This is how to save important messages

If you use WhatsApp regularly, you may have noticed that a little star sometimes appears next to your messages. But do you know what it does?

WhatsApp: Here's why a star appears next to your messages
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WhatsApp: Here's why a star appears next to your messages

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded applications in the world. It's quite simple: this little piece of software, owned by Meta (the new name for the FaceBook group), has become a new mode of communication that's practical, fast, clear and well-designed. The app is packed with more or less obscure functions that the vast majority of users are unaware of. Such is the case with this little star, which you've probably already spotted when you launched it. We'll explain what it's for.

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Incessant messages on WhatsApp

Obviously, this can change depending on who you're talking to, but WhatsApp conversations can be endless. Who hasn't found themselves in one of those grouped conversations, where memes, GIFs and messages rain down endlessly? In such cases, it can be difficult to find a particular message.

Of course, a search bar allows you to go back in time by typing in a keyword, but sometimes some important information, or certain messages that are important to you, get lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, there's another little-known function that solves this problem... and that's where this famous star comes in!

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A way to 'save' important messages on WhatsApp

A bit like Snapchat, which lets you prevent Snap deletion by highlighting them, WhatsApp has a feature that lets you bookmark messages you select.

Declaration of love, embarrassing message, postal address... no need to scroll forever thanks to this feature.

To use it, nothing could be simpler: just long-press the message you wish to bookmark and click on the little star that appears in the contextual menu.

If you've succeeded, a star will appear next to your message, and to find it (and all the others you've included in this list), simply open your contact's profile and click on the 'starred messages' category and all of the messages you saved with that person will appear.

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