Heartbreak over a ‘broken’ puppy nearly beaten to death by its abusive owner

This 16-week-old puppy suffered from head trauma and multiple fractures all over its body. Heartbroken animal inspectors weren’t sure if she was going to pull through.

Heartbreak over a ‘broken’ puppy nearly beaten to death by its abusive owner
Heartbreak over a ‘broken’ puppy nearly beaten to death by its abusive owner

RSPCA inspectors often claim that they have ‘seen it all’ when it comes to animal abuse. But Lara’s case shocked even the most experienced of them.

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The little pooch was so injured that his rescuers didn’t know where to stroke her as her skull, ribs and legs were covered in fractures. She also had head trauma and broken teeth.

It was hard to understand how someone could treat an innocent pet with such cruelty.

Animal inspectors knew if Lara was lucky to pull through, it would take her a while to trust humans again.

Here is the full story.

Inspectors 'weren’t prepared' to see this puppy’s horrific injuries

Lara, the 16-week-old puppy was rescued from her abusive owner after she suffered multiple fractures to her skull, rib, cheekbones, jaw, femur and teeth.

They were likely inflicted during three separate incidents of blunt force trauma.

RSPCA inspector Nicola Johnson admitted that ‘nothing prepared’ her for the pooch’s horrific injuries.

She said:

I didn’t know where to touch her that wouldn’t hurt so I stroked her nose.

❤️Help us be there for more animals, just like Lara ❤️ Lara had suffered some of the most horrendous cruelty and...

Posted by The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home - CDCH on Thursday, July 20, 2023

The extent of the injuries meant that Lara had to spend the next four months at RSPCA’s Newbrook Animal Hospitalin Birmingham, England.

Once she was well enough, she was moved toCotswold Cats and Dogs Home for rehabilitation.

Receptionist Amy Day who took over Lara in the shelter, commented:

My heart instantly shattered when I saw her and how her eyes looked filled with fear. With every small movement she made, she would wince and cower away.

It was clear that it would take a lot of love and dedication to make this dog trust humans again.

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Due to Lara’s traumatic past, it was decided that she would be better placed in foster care where she could have all the love and attention she needed.

Amy Day kindly volunteered to take the pooch home, and it turned out to be life-changing for this ‘timid but tenacious’ pet.

Due to the animal’s extensive surgery, she ‘had to have crate rest to allow her bones to heal’ which was very difficult for a young puppy who wanted to play and learn.

Lara’s foster mum has shown patience and love and the two went on to form a ‘beautiful bond’. Although it took 18 months of care for her to heal and trust humans again, it became a solid foundation for the ‘loving, outgoing girl she is today’.

She was able to fully recover and was rehomed shortly after.

Lara now spends her days going for lovely walks, playing and having belly rubs.

Thanks to the RSPCA, Lara’s abusive owner got what he deserved.

As he was sentenced, the judge called what happened to the helpless puppy ‘the worst case of cruelty they’d seen’.

RSPCA’s Nicola Johnson said:

Looking at Lara today it’s hard to imagine the fragile, broken puppy we rescued from unimaginable cruelty. Today she’s a joyful, healthy and confident dog whose life has been completely transformed in our care. We urgently need to do the same for other animals.

Lara's story is a perfect illustration of how vital the RSPCA's work is for saving animals' lives. Sadly, not all the pets in need are as lucky as her. Head to the charity's website to support theirCancel Out Cruelty fundraising campaign and help give more dogs and cats like Lara a chance.

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