Gift Ideas For Your 12 Year Wedding Anniversary
Gift Ideas For Your 12 Year Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas For Your 12 Year Wedding Anniversary

Your 12th wedding anniversary is all about silk - softness and luxury abound. Ohmymag brings you all the ideas you need to celebrate this occasion in style.

How To Celebrate Your 12 Year Wedding Anniversary

1. 12 years of marriage: Silk is a fabric that is made by silkworms. They weave a cocoon with silk threads in which their larvae are deposited to develop in complete protection. These precious shelters are then used to make silk, a noble, fine and soft fabric. Silk is your cocoon of love for this 12th wedding anniversary. In spite of its apparent delicacy, silk is a material that insulates and keeps you warm. It will provide protection against any cold winds that punctuate your life.

2. How to celebrate 12 years of marriage: It's been 12 years since your wedding day and you wish to celebrate this happy event in style? Remember this anniversary's theme of silk. Your anniversary party should be cosy, warm and above all, full of love. Calm, luxury and pleasure is the order of the day. Get dressed up in your finest silks to make you look good.

A romantic dinner is a wonderful way to celebrate. Take out the crystal glasses and silverware and set the most beautiful table, with candles and white tablecloth.

For an outdoor celebration, why not take a ride in a carriage or a boat, that can be fun on this particular day. Your friends and family will be delighted to see you still so in love after 12 years of marriage so do not hesitate to invite them all along.

3. Gift ideas for your 12th anniversary: With this silk wedding anniversary, there are so many wonderful gifts you could give to your other half. Man or woman, this fabric will seduce you in all its variations. The silk scarf is a present that women love and can wear for all occasions, the ideal chic accessory.

The gentlemen will love silk ties or silk pocket squares, which are also very elegant. A set of silk bedding will be a pleasure for you both. Take advantage of your silk wedding anniversary to beautify your home, for instance with a silk lampshade.

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