This is how often you should wash your bras

If you’re still looking for an answer to how often you should wash these undergarments, here it is.

Are you washing your bras often enough? Here is when and how to do it
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Are you washing your bras often enough? Here is when and how to do it

A personal hygiene survey conducted by Mashable and SurveyMonkey some years ago revealed that an average of 35% of UK women admitted to wearing a bra at least five times before washing it. After all, bras can be pretty expensive and are often made with fine, delicate materials. We want them to keep their shape.

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But did you know that if these undergarments are not washed often enough, sweat will break down the elastic in them and reduce their lifespan over time?

So, we should definitely wash our precious lingerie. The question is how often?

How often should I be washing my bras?

Pour Moi Lingerie Technologist Lois Siciliano advises washing your bras every two to three wears. While it is correct not to over-wash them to preserve their elasticity for proper support, the washing frequency depends on how active you’ve been while wearing these wonder garments, Glamour writes.

Siciliano explains:

When it comes to normal use, every two to three wears is fine. Obviously, that's not the case if it's a sports bra you're wearing to an intense gym class or if it's a hot summer's day. If you're particularly sweaty, you should wash the bra each wear.

Dr Lisa Ackerley aka The Hygiene Doctor stresses that wearing a dirty undergarment can result in skin rashes and spots worsened by rubbing and your own skin bacteria. Yeast could also proliferate and even cause skin infections if it becomes broken.

She advises you to follow your instinct and clean your lingerie ‘every couple of wears’ if you have been sedentary all day, and daily if you've been sweating a lot and notice rashes around your bra area.

What is the best way to wash a bra?

Hand washing is by far the best way to keep your bras clean. This way you don’t have to worry about damaging their delicate lace or their body-hugging shape.

Simply fill a sink with cool water and add a few drops of special lingerie wash or any other mild detergent. Place your bras with the clasps fastened, give them a swirl, and soak for ten minutes. Then gently rub the undergarments on the underarms and back band. To finalise, rinse your lingerie in cool, clean water and lay it on a clean towel to dry.

If, for some reason, you’d rather machine-wash, make sure the most delicate cycle availableat the lowest possible temperature with no spin.

Dr Ackerely advises fastening the hooks before washing and using a small zipped laundry bag to avoid snagging other delicate items in the same wash. Tumble drying is not recommended.

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