Get Rid Of Flies In A Snap With These Household Items

Get Rid Of Flies In A Snap With These Household Items

Summer is coming and that means mosquitoes. Are you tired of them swarming around your garden all day long, eventually making it into your home? We've got a trick you can try to get rid of these pests once and for all with with just a few household items!

We all know that scented candles and repellent products are not always effective and can be rather smelly, and don't even get us started about chemical filled plug-ins.  There is another method that is much more simple, discreet, and effective for repelling flies. 


1. Some copper coins (5-7 1p coins)

2. Water

3. Plastic bag (ziplock bag)


1. Pour water into the plastic bag 

2. Place the coins into the bag and seal it

3. Hang the bag where you wish to repel the flies 

This technique stirs the reflections of the sun onto the water and flies absolutely hate that. Now you can continue to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. 

Will Armstrong
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