These Are The 5 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Decorating Their Bedroom

These Are The 5 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Decorating Their Bedroom

We spend half our time there, and yet we don't always feel very comfortable. The bedroom is a place in your home that you should make the most comfortable possible. To ensure that this room conveys serenity, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

#1- Choosing the wrong bedside table

This may seem secondary, but the bedside table is very important in a bedroom, even if you use a chair as an extra piece of furniture. To make sure you are using the right type, use a model which is at the right height so that it is: more aesthetic but above all easier to turn off the light on it or to grab a book. Got it?

#2- Limiting the lighting  

We often prefer to opt for a subdued light, to have a more cozy and warm ambiance, however, it is very important to be able to see clearly. So choose a very good lighting combined with a softer lamp that you can turn on just before going to bed.  

#3- Placing the carpets in the wrong place  

To better appreciate your carpet, place it so that it is accessible when you first wake up. Either at the foot of your bed, or in the centre of your room. In addition, opt for a ‘fluffy’ carpet, the material will do even more good for your morale.

#4- Leaving your electronic devices lying around

Sleep experts recommend leaving them in a room other than your bedroom to avoid bad waves. Avoid placing a television in your room, and as for your phone, which probably serves as an alarm clock, place it in the drawer of your dresser. You'll sleep like a baby.

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#5- Not having the right fengshui in your room

To make your room more pleasant to be in, first place your bed in the right position. The best thing is that it is not facing a door but so that you can also have a global vision of the room and the entrance. Also, avoid installing a mirror in the room and electronic devices. It's up to you to have more peaceful nights.

Check out the video above for more bedroom decor tips! 

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