If You Own Any Of These Ikea Products You Need To Return Them Immediately

We all love IKEA, and it's likely you've got at least one or two bits of IKEA furniture in your home. Not all stores can be 100% perfect and sometimes products have to be recalled as safety precautions. These are some products that IKEA have recalled for failing to meet their quality/safety standards.

Recalled Products From IKEA

If you own any of these make sure to stop using them immediately and return them to your nearest IKEA store - proof of purchase is not required and you'll receive a full refund.

1. Mysingoso beach chair: If you purchased one of these before February 2017 you should return it for a full refund. There have been reports of people trapping their fingers in the chair during reassembly. Since February an updated design which minimises this risk has been on sale.

2. Chocolates: IKEA have recalled several of their chocolate products due to insufficient labelling. These products are not suitable for almond or hazelnut allergy sufferers but are safe to eat for anyone else. The affected products are:

-Choklad lingon & blabar 180 g (chocolate with lingon/blueberry flavour)

-Choklad ljus 100g (milk chocolate bar)

-Choklad not utz 100g (milk chocolate bar with hazelnut)

-Godis chokladkrokant 450g (milk chocolate with butterscotch)

-Godis chokladran 168g (chocolate filled wafers)

-Chokladkrokant bredbar 400g (chocolate butterscotch spread)

-Choklad mork 60% (dark chocolate bar)

-Choklad mork 70% (dark chocolate bar)

3. Patrull safety gates: IKEA have received reports of these safety gates opening unexpectedly, leading to children falling down stairs.

4. Lattjo bat cape: This children's dressing-up item has been found to have a risk of strangulation or injuries to the neck. Three children have been reported to have received marks or scratches on the neck when the cape didn't detach easily enough.

5. Gothem floor and table lamps: Some examples of damaged cables have been found in these lamps, which could pose a risk of electric shock.

6. Lock and hyby ceiling lamps: Customers have reported these glass lamp shades falling from the ceiling, in some cases causing injuries.

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