Get rid of flies and mosquitoes in a snap with these household items

Summer is coming and that means fliesand mosquitoes are coming too. Are you tired of them swarming around your garden all day long, eventually making it into your home? We've got a trick you can try to get rid of these pests once and for all with just a few household items!

Flies really are pests. Although it is well-known that everything in this world serves a purpose and every creature is a part of the circle of life, it can sometimes feel like the only thing that flies or mosquitos do is buzz around for a day or two bothering us before they die.

There are several methods available in shops that claim to repel or kill off these pests, like the electric fly swatter for example. We all know that scented candles and repellent products are not always as effective as they claim to be and can be rather smelly, and don't even get us started about those chemical-filled plug-ins.

But there is another homemade method that is a lot simpler, more discreet, and very effective for repelling flies. You don't have to fork out for any fancy or expensive supplies either, as it consists of objects that we're sure every household will have just lying around.


1. Some copper coins (5-7 1p coins)

2. Water

3. Plastic bag (ziplock bag)


1. Pour water into the plastic bag

2. Place the coins into the bag and seal it

3. Hang the bag where you wish to repel the flies

This technique works by reflecting the sun's rays off the coins in the water and flies absolutely hate that. Now you can go ahead and enjoy the beautiful weather outside without needing to worry about your house becoming a nesting ground for flies!

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