B&M are selling this Weight Watchers hot air fryer for less than £40

B&M are now selling a 3.2 litre Weight Watchers Hot Air Fryer for just £39. Imagine having all your favourite fried foods made a little healthier!

If you’re looking for a new kitchen gadget for the new year, this bargain at B&M might just be right up your street. On sale for just £39, the Weight Watchers Hot Air Fryer can be used to whip up some glorious meals. It has a 3.2 litre capacity and the non-stick coated cooking basket can be removed for easy cleaning.

How does the air fryer work?

An air fryer uses a heating mechanism and a fan circulate hot air to quickly and thoroughly cook your food, making it nice and crispy without the need for lots of oil. Since the Air Fryer uses little to no cooking oil, it can be a healthier, lower-calorie alternative to deep frying.

The Weight Watchers Hot Air Fryer can be used to make a whole range of deliciously crispy dishes and sides – such as Cornflake Coated Crispy Chicken Dippers, spiced vegetables, wedges, fries, onion rings and plenty more. However, you should take care to use recipes designed for air fryers – foods dipped in liquid batter won’t work in an air fryer.

Where can I buy a cheap air fryer?

This B&M deal on the Weight Watchers Air Fryer seems to be one of the best deals around at the moment. The same air fryer is priced at £52.99 at Robert Dyas and £44.96 at Asda. However, B&M don’t do delivery so you’ll have to head into store if you’re looking to buy this Weight Watchers Air Fryer from them – you can check online if it’s in stock at your local store to save a wasted trip though.

Alternatively, Aldi have an Ambiano Air Fryer available online for just 99p more as it’s priced at £39.99. This air fryer has similar features to the Weight Watchers version, with the same 1400 watt power and adjustable temperature up to 200°C. The Ambiano Air Fryer also boasts eight automatic cooking programs.

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