Aldi is selling pastel pink Le Creuset Dupes for less than £25

Kit out your kitchen for less with two new pink cast iron casserole dishes from Aldi that look a lot like Le Creuset dishes.

Aside from being the cheapest supermarket in the UK for groceries, Aldi are also well-known for their ever-changing ranges of Special Buys. Their kitchenware ranges are always a big hit, with products from air fryers to hot chocolate makers and coffee machines proving a success with customers.

Now, Aldi are bringing back their popular Le Creuset dupes in gorgeous pastel pink as part of their Mother’s Day 2021 range. Shoppers will be able to choose from a 30cm Shallow Cast Iron Casserole Dish or a deeper 26cm Cast Iron Casserole Dish – both in pastel pink and priced at £24.99 each.

Aldi’s cast iron casserole dishes may look a lot like real Le Creuset dishes but they are a fraction of the cost. The Le Creuset 26cm Shallow Casserole Dish and deeper 25cm Casserole Dish in pastel pink are priced at an eyewatering £210 each, meaning you’ll be making a whopping 88% saving with the Aldi dupes.

Are Aldi’s Le Creuset dupes good?

If the reviews are anything to go by, the answer is a resounding yes! Aldi’s Le Creuset dupes received rave reviews from customers last time they were on sale back in September 2020. Many reviewers noted that the casserole dishes were ‘excellent value’ and ‘as good as the famous branded one’. Several remarked that they wash well and that the colours look lovely.

When can I buy Aldi’s Le Creuset dupes?

Aldi’s pastel pink Le Creuset dupes will be going on sale online only this time around – so there’s no point looking for them in store. They’ll be available to pre-order on Aldi’s website from Sunday 28th February. We’d recommend getting in there quickly, as these are sure to be a sell-out hit!

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