4 plants to get rid of negative energies in your home

Research shows that indoor plants offer more than greenery to living spaces.

If you are a plant parent, you can attest to the healing powers of your cherished plants. Indoor plants are known to purify the air, relieve stress, and offer a sense of calm purpose, fulfilment and enjoyment to their owners.

According to feng shui principles—the practice of arranging one’s living spaces to create balance with the natural world by harnessing energies between an individual and their environment—greenery has the power to change and improve the energy in our homes as well as promoting good luck.

But, not all plants have this ability—some are more capable of offering these benefits than others.

Here are four feng shui plants to make you feel your best at home.


Orchids have more to offer than their beauty Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Unsplash

There is more to these flowers than their beauty and sweet smell. The orchid symbolises fertility and the quest for perfection. It is no wonder that newlyweds would often be offered a bouquet of orchids for a fulfilling life filled with happiness.

Lucky bamboo

This has been in vogue for a while now for their jungly or tropical touch to one’s living area. But this plant, which symbolises prosperity, luck and wisdom, is also known to attract good energies. It is a low maintenance plant that is guaranteed to fill your space with a feeling of wellbeing and soothing calm.

Peace Lily

This is ideal for improving the air quality in your home making you want to spend more peaceful evenings at home. It also neutralises pollutants in the house such as paints, and carpets which can cause headaches and sleep related issues in some people. Oh, it is also such a beauty to behold!

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has many healing benefits as well as good vibes  Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

Many of us can vouch for the health benefits of this plant especially as a cheap and easy to use home remedy for several skincare problems. However, do you know that as it grows, so does the good fortune it attracts into your home? But don’t worry when your aloe vera plant dies because it is believed that it has lived its purpose of absorbing bad energies from your home.

There are many more plants such as basil, sage and cactus plants renowned for their good vibes. So the next time you want to get a plant for your home or as a gift to someone, do your research to know the hidden benefits they hold.

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