Explorers discover world’s largest underground city in Turkey

Archaeologists discovered a huge underground city in Midyat in south-eastern Turkey by chance. Researchers state it could be the largest underground city in the world.

Two years ago, the city of Midyat in Turkey launched a clean-up project to preserve the old houses in the old town. Reportedly, during the process, the workers made a unique discovery. They cameacross underground cellars leading to a system of corridors and ahidden city beneath the streets of Midyat. The city accommodated approximately 60,000 to 70,000 people.

The incredible discovery

The city of Midyat, situated in the province of Mardin in south-eastern Turkey, is a popular tourist destination. The place consists of churches, mosques, and monasteries, which together form a kind of eco-museum. However, in order to preserve the city, the council ordered a major clean-up project. While cleaning the area,the workers accidentally stumbled upon the undiscovered hidden underground city under the streets.

This archaeological discovery dates back to the 2nd or 3rd century AD. Gani Tarkan, the project’s lead excavator and Mardin Museum’s director elaborates on the discovery:

This is where we discovered a cave, with a tunnel, We managed to find a passage to different places. These places include 49 rooms, some of which are supposed to be places of worship, such as a church or a synagogue.

Other archaeological discoveries in Turkey

Göbekli Tepe, a Neolithic archaeological site near the city of Şanlıurfa in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey Ayzenstayn

Turkey boasts a plethora of archaeological sites. Göbekli Tepe is one of the most important archaeological excavations in the world. Discovered by the German historian Klaus Schmidt, it is situated near the Syrian border and was uncovered in the 1990s. The engravings found on the Göbekli Tepe site are important evidence of the beginning of civilisation. The places around the hill became even more famous in 2018 when they were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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