Your Baby At Seven Months: Everything You Need To Know
Your Baby At Seven Months: Everything You Need To Know

Your Baby At Seven Months: Everything You Need To Know

By Will Armstrong
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A seven-month-old baby has specific needs to support its growth and early learning. Ohmymag gives you all the essential information, especially about their diet.

Your Baby At Seven Months

1. Weight: A seven-month-old baby is entering a pivotal stage of development. They are more and more awake and active, which increases their energy needs: they spend around 700 kcal per day (100 kcal more than at six months). Logically, their weight gain is also accelerating: ideally, your baby should gain about 500 g during their seventh month.

To give some figures, the average weight of a seven-month-old baby is 7.9 kg. For a little boy, it should be between 6.8 and 9.8 kg, and between 6 and 9 kg for a little girl. The average height of a seven-month-old baby is 62 to 73 cm.

2. Feeding a seven-month-old baby: Usually, a seven-month-old baby has already started their dietary diversification (it is recommended to start it at around 5-6 months). In addition to the foods they are already getting used to (eg cooked vegetables and fruits, white meat, fish, eggs, yoghurt), you can add other novelties such as very small amounts of butter, melted in their purée for example, a little olive oil, or even minced red meat, though making sure that they have no more than 10 g of animal protein per day for a baby of seven months.

Despite dietary diversification, milk is still a central part of the diet of a seven-month-old baby: you can continue to give your own milk or infant formula (at least 500 ml per day). Also note: around seven months, baby can usually drink alone in a cup.

3. Sleeping patterns of a seven-month-old baby: Usually, a seven-month-old baby is already sleeping through the night - they can sleep 10 to 11 hours per night. During the day, however, they are likely to sleep much less than before - their sleep needs, which are very important during the first months of life, are now decreasing more and more.

In most cases, a seven-month-old baby takes only 3 naps a day (usually one in the morning, another in the early afternoon, and the other in the late afternoon). Whilst most of the time, a seven-month-old baby does not wake up at night to ask for food, they may wake up occasionally for other reasons: teething, in particular, can sometimes disturb their sleep.

Note: If your seven-month-old baby is not sleeping yet, it is nothing to worry about. Every child evolves at their own pace. You can, however, seek advice from your pediatrician to help them sleep well.

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