Woman Was Experiencing Menopause Symptoms, But Then She Suddenly Collapsed
Woman Was Experiencing Menopause Symptoms, But Then She Suddenly Collapsed
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Woman Was Experiencing Menopause Symptoms, But Then She Suddenly Collapsed

When she was 46 years old, Jessica Middour assumed that she was going through menopause. Sudden sweats and generally feeling unwell are common symptoms of this. But when she suddenly collapsed one day, she realised her symptoms were actually a result of another very common problem among many women.

When women reach a certain age, they start to constantly worry about whether they are about to or are already going through menopause. But the symptoms can vary greatly, and the side effects can be completely different from one woman to the next. Some women don’t get any symptoms at all, while others experience some quite upsetting and distressing hormonal changes.

As a result, when she was 46 years old, Jessica Middour naturally just assumed that she was going through menopause and she isn’t the first person to make this incorrect assumption. Another 49-year-old woman also falsely believed she was going through menopause, but her symptoms actually turned out to be dementia. And even stranger still, other people believe that certain foods could either delay or speed up the process. The scientific discoveries we have made on the subject are incredible, and doctors have even managed to develop a method that can delay menopause by twenty years.

Sweats and generally feeling unwell

When Jessica Middour went to the hospital with her mother for an operation, she suddenly got sweats and although she had been complaining about feeling generally unwell, she was feeling even worse on the day in question. But then, she collapsed in the hospital corridor.

When she was rushed to the emergency room, everything was finally cleared up. She wasn’t actually experiencing symptoms of menopause as she had previously thought, but sepsis which she had contracted following a urinary tract infection.

As Yahoo News reported, she was lucky that she was in the hospital when this happened because sepsis can be fatal. Sepsis can be treated with drug infusion therapy, but unfortunately, her suffering didn’t end there.

She suffered from sepsis several times as a result of urinary tract infections and it took quite a toll on her mentally.’

Over and over again

The same thing happened to her two more times. Whenever she got a urinary tract infection, she found herself also battling with sepsis. However, every time, she managed to get through it, but psychologically, the sepsis became quite strenuous for her and today, she suffers from ‘post-sepsis syndrome’.

‘I have had to quit my job because the side effects of having sepsis three times are just too strong. I am constantly tired, I have constant joint pains, I’ve lost the feeling in my toes and I can’t solve simple problems or tasks like I used to be able to.’

For this reason, she decided to go public with her story because lots of women assume their symptoms are caused by menopause when they are actually suffering from a urinary tract infection. Unfortunately, the unfortunate immune responses don’t end so well for everyone.

By Lindsay Wilson

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