Vaginal Depression - Could Skinny Jeans Be Responsible?

Vulvodynia is a chronic condition which causes pain in the vagina and affects sexual intercourse. This condition affects 2.7 million women worldwide and just like endometriosis, it is often misdiagnosed. But a recent American study has indicated that wearing jeans that are too tight and getting bikini waxes could be contributing factors.

Vulvodynia is a chronic condition about which very little is known by women and the medical community. And yet, it affects 2.7 million women mainly under the age of 25. According to a recent study that was published in the scientific journal named Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, vulvodynia, also known as ‘vaginal depression’, arises as a result of certain habits that lots of women do, namely, wearing skinny jeans and getting bikini waxes.

American researchers at Boston University studied the intimate routines and habits of 23 women between the ages of 18 and 40 who suffered from vaginal pain and 221 other women who were thought to have no such problems.

And the results showed that those who wore skinny jeans 3 or 4 times a week were more likely to suffer from vulvodynia. In regards to hair removal, those who opted for complete removal of hair in this region were found to be more likely to develop this pain.

Bernard Harlow, professor of epidemiology, who carried out this study, explains: ‘With an increase in the prevalence of pubic hair removal directly from the vulvar region, particularly in adolescent girls, the micro-abrasions to this sensitive area (caused by hair removal) may predispose young women to immune-inflammatory complications.’


It is still unclear as to what causes this condition which is also known as ‘vaginal depression. There is no specific type of woman who suffers from vulvodynia. Dr Vanessa Mackay explains that studies tend to show that it is ‘the result of a problem with the nerves supplying the vulva.' As previously stated, wearing skinny jeans and getting bikini waxes are also thought to be contributing factors.


Pain, burning or tingling sensations in the vagina during intercourse. These symptoms can also be triggered by contact with sanitary towels, underwear and even bike saddles.


Some solutions include strengthening your perineum, special soothing gels, lubricants and physiotherapy. Even eating a balanced diet can help to reduce pain.

Wearing Skinny Jeans Could Be Having a Serious Impact on Your Health Wearing Skinny Jeans Could Be Having a Serious Impact on Your Health