The unexpected impact of Coronavirus on sexuality

The spread of the coronavirus has a direct impact on the economy. It also has an impact on the market surrounding sexuality. Sales of sex toys has increased, and there is a shortage of condoms in the most affected areas...

Fear of the coronavirus leads to panic and anxiety. Some people have started to stock up on food and hygiene products. Others are stockpiling condoms! Indeed, according to several studies, couples are beginning to anticipate the potential quarantine ahead.

Sales of sex toys are also higher than in previous years. The Womanizer brand has recorded figures that are much higher than in 2019: an increase of 50% compared to original forecasts. According to the figures, the countries where the sales of sex toys has increased coincide with where there have been the main outbreaks of the coronavirus. Indeed, for the period from the 1st of January to the 6th of March 2020, Womanizer recorded 60% higher sales in Italy, 40% in France and 71% in Hong Kong.

When the porn industry gets inspired by the coronavirus

Media outlets Vice and the Huffington Post have indicated that the keyword 'coronavirus' is on the rise on the Pornhub website, and videos are increasingly including actors wearing surgical masks...

And while the coronavirus is inspiring the porn industry, and has an impact on the sale of sex toys and condoms, the pandemic will also impact the dating world.

Indeed, the WHO has advised avoiding all human contact. No more hugging or shaking hands... gestures that are part of our culture, and that also break the ice when on a date...

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