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Taking Up These 5 Simple Habits Could Put An Extra 10 Years On Your Life

What if you could live an extra 10 years just by introducing a few small habits into your daily life? Well, according to a recent study, you can do exactly that. Taking up these simple habits, you could add an extra 10 years on your life.

After studying the consequences of bad habits on quality of life, the School of Public Health at Harvard has just shared their most recent findings.

Over the course of 34 years, they analysed the data of 78,865 women and 44,354 men over the course of 27 years. This absolutely massive study allowed the researchers to arrive at the following conclusion: by adopting healthy habits, women can hit the ripe old age of 93.1 years old, whereas men can live to see 87.6 years old.

These so-called healthy, low-risk habits can reduce the risk of death by cardiovascular disease by 82% and cancer by 65%.

Well-known, healthy habits

The five healthy habits are more or less common knowledge at this point but very frequently neglected. Among them are obvious tips like limited consumption of alcohol and healthy eating.

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According to the results of the study, those who don't respect any of these health habits can expect to live, on average, just 79 years old for women and 78.5 for men.

Think it's worth it to gain an extra 10 years? You're never too young to start!

Take a look at the video above for these five life-prolonging healthy habits!

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