Study shows the negative effects of smartphones on our memory

Mobile phones could have harmful effects on our memories according to a recent serious study.

Bad news guys. Phones could have dangerous effects on their users' memory, especially in young people, according to a study led by Swiss THP and published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

The study conducted focused on 700 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 and sought to discover whether or not there was a link between radiation emitted by cellphones and other wireless devices and memory.

According to this study, the high-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) created bysmartphones have negative and harmful effects on the development of the figural memory in teenagers, which is located in the right hemisphere of the brain and affects the way identity patterns, shapes and objects. This is also said to be magnified when taking calls and mostly affects people who use their right ear whilst on the phone.

The only bit of good news with this study is that it shows that texting or surfing the net on your smartphone doesn’t have a lot of effect on your memory which led the scientists from this study to a simple conclusion: when you have to use the phone, avoid putting it right against your ear and maybe consider using your speakerphone when taking call.

Martin Roosli, head of Environmental Exposures and Health at Swiss TPH did note that more studies need to be done in order to draw any real conclusions. He stated:

For instance, the study results could have been affected by puberty, which affects both mobile phone use and the participant’s cognitive and behavioural state.

Roosli went on to say that using speakerphone and headphones could help reduce EMF exposure and therefore its effects on the memory:

It is not yet clear how RF-EMF could potentially affect brain processes or how relevant our findings are in the long-term. Potential risks to the brain can be minimised by using headphones or the loudspeaker while calling, in particular when network quality is low and the mobile phone is functioning at maximum power.
Using Your Smartphone Too Much Could Be Having This Serious Effect On Your Health Using Your Smartphone Too Much Could Be Having This Serious Effect On Your Health