Red wine and chocolate could be the answer to staying young

According to research from two British universities, eating chocolate and drinking red wine would be the miracle recipe to effectively fight against ageing. May the cure begin!

Some of you have already committed to this way of life, and the good news is you can continue!

The research results from the universities of Brighton and Exeter are unanimous: chocolate and red wine are good for helping us age better. Even Victoria Beckham has admitted that red wine is an essential part of her self care routine.

What's in the ingredients?

The scientists discovered that both chocolate and red wine contained the chemical compound resveratrol, which has the ability to make some of our cells as new and functional as when they first came to be. Resveratrol, therefore, functions as a chemical compound that regenerates our cells.

Though we welcome this information with a glass of wine, remember that moderation is the keyword.

Since this discovery, the researchers have one goal: to use resveratrol to help older people in the ageing process by alleviating age-related suffering.


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