Only 5% Of People Know Which Egg Is The Healthiest -  Do You?

Only 5% Of People Know Which Egg Is The Healthiest - Do You?

We all know that the colour of eggshells can vary - from eggs with white shells to eggs with dark brown shells. But the colour of the yolk can also vary - from yellow to orange. Ohmymag has been looking into which colour of egg yolk is the healthiest. Watch our video to learn more today! 

Many people who keep their own laying hens have been wondering why the colour of the yolks of their hens' eggs was so different from the colour of the yolks in supermarket-bought eggs. It seems that the yolks of eggs from private owners' hens are always more orange and thicker than those of the supermarket eggs. But why is this and what does it mean about the quality of the eggs?

Orange egg yolks show that the hen has been fed a well-balanced diet. The orange colour comes from beta-carotene which is a red-orange pigment that is found in fruits and vegetables such as carrots. Also, if the colour of the yolk is dark orange then it means that the hen was/is living on a free-ranging farm. If the egg yolk is lighter in colour then the hen was/is living in a cage. 

Whatever the hens eat will greatly affect the colour and quality of the egg. For example, if a chicken eats green vegetables, which contain a lot of xanthophylls (including beta-carotene) and grains (flaxseed and sea kelp which contain a lot of omega-3) then the eggs will be more orange, thicker, and richer in taste. Therefore, they will be more nutritional value. 

Don't be fooled by 'non-GMO' labelling - it's not at all a guarantee of quality. If you want the best quality and healthiest eggs then buy them from an individual or a local free-range farm. Or you could even look into getting your own hens then you'll know their exact diet and their quality of living. 

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